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  1. RC Car Action Online Coverage Of The 2015 BGRC Spring Classic [VIDEO] 

    This past weekend I attended the 4th Annual Spring Classic in West Des Moines. This annual race has been gathering steam over the last few years, and this year it made its debut in a new location, Bluegroove Hobbies and Raceway. This new track just opened up last November, and it features a large 100x50’ indoor track comprised of high-bite black dirt.

    There is also a hobby shop onsite stocked full of gear that drivers need on race day, plenty of pit spaces and parking, and a huge driver’s stand that is basically the length of the track.

    This year’s race was limited to 200 entries, and online registration quickly filled up once it went live. There were 11 classes to compete in, and the final entry count that weekend was 197 entries. The biggest and most competitive class of the weekend was Stock 2WD Buggy with 41 total entries!

    The race program called for open practice from noon to 9pm on Friday the 27th, three rounds of qualifying on Saturday, and then on Sunday there would be a last chance qualifier followed by all the mains. I arrived shortly after the doors opened at noon on Friday and made my way into the hobby shop. I then headed to the pit area to scope my office for the weekend. I unpacked my gear, threw a pack on the charger, and then made my way out to the track to check the fresh layout.

    The layout ran clockwise and was a nice mix of features like a long straightaway that lead into a sharp chicane, a few table top jumps, a small technical section, and a large triple jump. This triple section was the spot to watch all weekend long as some races were won and lost on this particular jump. If a racer overshot this jump then they would either pipe it or go off the line and get passed by cars behind them. If they came up short they would need to be marshalled, and if they played it safe with a double-single line they might quickly fall off pace.

    A practice schedule was posted by the results board so racers knew how long practice sessions would run that day. Each practice heat ran for 6 minutes and then drivers were expected to set their cars down on a table near the track and then head out to marshal.

    After they were done marshaling, drivers could grab an electric leaf blower to help dust off the track for the next session of drivers.

    Once practice ended at 9pm the door stayed open for about another hour so drivers could wrench on their rides while the track crew performed some routine maintenance.

    On Saturday the doors opened at 7am and practice ran until about 8:30am. Race director Sam Anderson held a brief driver’s meeting at 8:45am, and then it was on to three rounds of qualifying. For the race program we were using qualifying points which meant that in each round your final position in your class had a point value. A TQ for the round was worth 0 points, 2nd place was worth 1 point, and down the line. So to TQ a class for the weekend you had to have the lowest combined score from two of the four qualifiers, or TQ three rounds so that you locked up the class TQ. The 11 classes were spread over 29 heats, and each heat ran for five minutes with a maximum of two minutes between each heat. Sam and the Bluegroove crew kept the program running smooth all weekend long.

    There were plenty of restaurants to eat at in the area, but to make it more convenient for racers so they didn’t miss out on any qualifiers, the Bluegroove crew took advantage of the nice Spring weather and set up a grill outside the main entrance. For a few bones could enjoy some fresh hot food right off the grill.

    And later that night the Bluegroove crew made walking tacos available, plus the entire weekend racers could purchase pop and candy bars from inside the hobby shop.

    Qualifying finished for the day shortly before 9pm and the track again went back to work to prep the track for the finals tomorrow.

    Sunday the doors opened at 6:45am and practice ran again from 7-8:30am. The fourth and final qualifying round started at 9am, and a few of the classes still didn’t have a clear cut TQ yet which meant for more exciting racing action.

    Around 10am drivers could make their way to the hobby shop to pick up their raffle ticket. Each driver received one ticket for their shot at winning some nice door prizes from the race’s sponsors.

    Shortly past lunch time the door prizes were set out inside the shop and drivers gathered inside to match up their ticket to the winning prize.

    (Photo courtesy: Pat Voelker)

    The big prize given away that day came courtesy of Bluegroove Hobbies. They donated a JConcepts medium roller bag and Omaha native Dillan Voelker walked away as the big winner!

    After the final qualifier had completed we took a short break and the track crew performed some maintenance and painted the starting grids for spots 1-10.

    The mains were printed out on the results board and drivers went to see where they ended up in qualifying for the weekend.

    The top eight drivers in each class were locked into the single eight minute A Main (10 minutes for 1/8 Electric Buggy). In the lower mains, eight drivers would race for five minutes with the top two finishers bumping up into the next main event. So in theory a driver could bump all the way up into the A Main.

    Awards were handed out to each class TQ plus the top 10 in the A Main so the racing was exciting in the lower mains as drivers tried to bump their way into the A Main group. There was plenty of great racing in the A Main groups and the top 3 results and videos from each A Main will be listed below.

    One of the sponsors for the 2015 Spring Classic is R17 Racing. As part of their sponsorship, if the A Main winners in either the Mod 2WD & 4WD Buggy classes were using their popular chassis protectors they would award that driver $50 cash. Cole Tollard was able to TQ and win in the Mod 4WD Buggy class and since he was using a R17 chassis sheet he was now $50 richer.

    Overall, the Spring Classic was a huge success and the Bluegroove crew did a great job hosting their first big trophy race. Again the final results, videos, and additional images will be listed below and I can’t wait to make this race next!


    1. Zarrick Mortale
    2. Mason Hausman (TQ)
    3. Caden Shay

    Stock 2WD SCT

    1. Zach Edenburn (TQ)
    2. Cole Henriksen
    3. Dylan Veik

    Mod 2WD SCT

    1. Alex Vanderbeek
    2. Derek Wood (TQ)
    3. Tom Rinderknecht

    Stock Truck

    1. Zach Edenburn (TQ)
    2. Cole Henriksen
    3. Zane Johnson

    Mod 4WD Buggy

    1. Cole Tollard (TQ)
    2. Mason Fuller
    3. Kendall Welch

    Stock 2WD Buggy

    1. Dylan Veik
    2. Talon Ganz
    3. Cole Henriksen

    TQ was Zach Edenburn

    Mod 4WD SCT

    1. Adam Cholka (TQ)
    2. Taylan Schoen
    3. David Fast

    Mod Truck

    1. Cole Tollard (TQ)
    2. Neil Feneis
    3. Mack Vanderbeek

    13.5 4WD Buggy

    1. Adam Cholka (TQ)
    2. Zach Edenburn
    3. Zane Johnson

    Mod 2WD Buggy

    1. Hunter Holmberg
    2. Mack Vanderbeek
    3. Alex Vanderbeek

    TQ was Kendall Welch
    Trevor “Chilly” Duncan | Online News Editor | Air Age Media
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    1/8 Electric Buggy

    1. Adam Cholka (TQ)
    2. David Fast
    3. Dustin Hosick

    Use this link for all the videos I shot:

    Use this link to view additional images:

    Local racer “Farmer” Phil also recorded many videos and you can view them here:

    Use this link for the results from Saturday:

    Use this link for the results from Sunday:
    Trevor “Chilly” Duncan | Online News Editor | Air Age Media
    Radio Control Car Action |
    Model Airplane News |
    RotorDrone Magazine |

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