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MIP introduces the ultimate top shaft for the AE vehicle line, the MIP 17.5 Eco All-in-1 Topshaft! Why is it called “All-in-1”? Well because it works with the original 3-gear rear motor, 4-gear mid motor, 4-gear V2 mid motor, 3 gear mid motor, and the MIP Box! How is this possible you may ask, well with a little bit of creativity and some awesome engineering we were able to fit the necessary bearing sizes on one top shaft. Along with the 5-in-1 capability the contact surface is 30% narrower than normal, equating to less overall drag/contact patch on the idler gear. If that isn’t enough, the All-in-1 Topshaft is the lightest on the market today coming in at a feather light 3.8 grams! So to reiterate, you get a top shaft that will work with any one of the transmissions on the market, a Topshaft that has less contact area meaning less overall drag, and a Topshaft that has less rotating mass than anything on the market today. Time to get what your 17.5 stock car needs; an MIP 17.5 Eco All-in-1 Topshaft!!!


AE 2WD RC10 B5/B5M/B5M Lite, T5M, SC5M Generation Vehicles


  • Lightest Topshaft on the Market
  • 30% Narrower Gear = Less Drag
  • 5-in-1 Compatibility


  • 7075-T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • 100% Made in the USA!


MIP 17.5 Eco Top shaft


2.0mm Allen Key - (Suggest #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)


Team Associated RC10T5M Team Kit (#70001), RC10SC5M (#70006), RC10B5 (#90001), RC10B5M (#90003), RC10B5M Factory Lite (#90000)

  • 3-gear mid-motor (AE # 91607)
  • 4-gear V2 mid-motor (AE # 91552)
  • MIP Box Transmission (MIP# 14300), 3-gear rear motor, and 4-gear mid-motor (AE# 91424 & AE#91530 – You need to purchase #99097 HW-Bearing, to fit the 5mm I.D. gear end shaft)


#99097 HW-Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1)

#15080 - MSRP: $15.00