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The Traxxas TQi radio system is now equipped with Traxxas Stability Management. When paired with the Traxxas Link app it is the most advanced, feature-rich, Ready-to-Race® radio system available. Now, TQi connects wirelessly to the latest Traxxas Link app for the ultimate in ease-of-use and control. The TQi radio system can be equipped with the Traxxas Link Wireless Module to unlock exciting features such as instant Bluetooth® connectivity, access to the full range of powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools through an intuitive high-definition graphical interface, and the ability to have a friend remotely monitor real-time telemetry while you focus on mashing the throttle. Your co-driver can even remotely make adjustments for you while you drive. No other radio system can do that. Just like the speed and performance Traxxas engineers into the vehicles, the power and capability of TQi and Traxxas Link expands your fun into all-new territory. Only from Traxxas, The Fastest Name in Radio Control.®

TSM (Traxxas Stability Management) is an electronic active handling system that uses sensors to understand the movement of the vehicle compared to the driver’s input and applies steering corrections as needed. This makes any TSM equipped vehicle much easier to drive, requiring less skill for precise control. The benefit is most visible with difficult to control models such as powerful 2WD brushless models on loose dirt, water, smooth pavement, and even snow and ice. Braking with 2WD models is dramatically improved as TSM works to keep you arrow straight until you come to a complete stop.

6507R - TQi 2.4GHz Radio System, 4-channel with Traxxas Link Wireless Module and Traxxas Stability Management (4-ch transmitter, 5-ch micro receiver) - $200.00
6509R - TQi 2.4GHz Radio System, 2-channel with Traxxas Stability Management (2-ch transmitter, 5-ch micro receiver) - $135.00
6511 - Traxxas Link Wireless Module - $45.00
6533 - TQi 2.4GHz Receiver with Telementry and Traxxas Stability Management (5-ch micro receiver) - $50.00