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  1. Smile is this ok before i start painting? 
    hello, im new to this area really but know abit, in the middle of setting up my trim tabs, and turn fins, i have set them up just whated your views to see if ive done it right...

    My boat is 44" long (50.5 " including the length of rudder) and 13" wide. Its powered by a .61 sc nitro engine. It was a wreck when i got it, so rebuilt everything on it where i was happy, im a perfectonist. Anyhow these are the pictures of it.

    hope you like, also i set the trim tabs up around 1/8"



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    The Pictures seems Fine.

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    Hopefully I'm not too late as this site is really slow and not a lot of postings in a while. I'd move the turn fins out about another 1/2" and make sure they're square to the bottom of the Vee and tuck them in more as they're too far out.
    I sure hope that's not the prop you plan on using as it's way too small and plastic. You're going to need room for a drive dog, a bigger prop and the prop nut.
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