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  1. trx 2.5 4 stroke conversion 
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    IMG_20150911_222133.jpg20150906_184935-1.jpg20150905_143047-1.jpgIMG_20150911_221939.jpgWell I was cleaning out my closet found a trx 2.5 from my nitro days and decided to convert it to 4 stroke so I sealed up the ex port and started making a ohv cylinder head I will use the old intake port as an oil pump and the new exhaust and intake will bolt to the New cylinder head I will still be using a glow plug and nitro fuel. Just posting this to see what people think about my project and to maybe bounce around some ideas with some intelligent people As of now there's no intended use for it other than to be a running 4 stroke so let me know what you guys think tried to post pictures but couldn't upload them will try again later
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    Interesting idea. Did you ever make progress?

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