Thread: Can a Losi 8ight gas truggy be converted to a nitro?

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  1. Can a Losi 8ight gas truggy be converted to a nitro? 
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    Hello guys, so I'm getting back into rc and I don't mean to take it serious just for fun and I love the sport. I was just wondering if I could put a nitro engine in the Losi 8ight gas truggy, eventhough I like the convenience of the truggy being gas powered since I can just go to the gas station and get gas for it, I've just heard the engine is hard to tune and takes a while to get it tuned, and has had problems. (i want something reliable) Since I'm getting back to the sport , I haven't tuned for a long time and I forget. So I was wondering is it possible to put a nice nitro engine in there? Thank you

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    Absolutely! I had the gas engine almost broke in and the crank pin that drives the rod busted. I put an STS .30 nitro engine in it and have never looked back. I had the engine NIB so it didn't cost me a dime. I used the flywheel and clutch from the gas engine and I'm still using the tuned exhaust, although I think changing it to a nitro specific exhaust will increase the performance. It's a screamer already! I did have to buy an Eight-T 4.0 fuel tank and change the fuel lines to silicone of course. I'm also wanting to get a nitro eight-t radio tray for the bigger battery compartment. Getting that 2 cell lipo into that little battery compartment is a pain in the butt... A new rod for the gas engine is 30 some dollars, I couldn't justify spending that when I had the nitro engine laying around... the Dynamite gas engine is now a paperweight!

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