Ok, I finally had to post something about this problem. I have searched the internet up, down, left and right... every forum possible. Maybe I'm using poor search words, but regardless I can't find anyone addressing this and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So......

I have 4 lipos(three 2S and one 3S) that take a full charge, but when put in a vehicle they immediately trip the low voltage cutoff. They all charge up to 4.18-4.20 volts in all cells. I've tried them in different models with different electronic set ups to see if its consistent, which it is. I have even discharged them with the charger and cycled a few times to see if that got things going. Nope. They're fully charged but just don't want to let go of their juice.

Who can tell me why this is, and is there a fix?

Thanks for any feedback.