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    I have recently purchased a schumacher Cat K2. I am looking for an all around multi purpose set-up. I know i am opening pandoras box of opinion. But I would really appreciate some ideas on my needs. Let me describe what i am looking i t to do.
    I believe I have chosen a hobby wing ESC and motor combo. My only question, is that with a 4 wheel drive 1790g car weight. I would like to be able to have it be able to wheelie as well as have a 50-70 mph top end. My main 1st question is what with 1790 g is the proper t motor I would want? A 3.5, A 5.5 A 10.5? what on earth do i choose. I see all the setups on their site, but i am not sure that they are limited by class rules. I am not. I want it fast but torque as well. I want a super powerful happy medium. batty discussion to follow LOL.

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    4x4 buggys dont wheelie if they do then the front wheels loose that thought..

    50-70mph.. that will require a 5500kv on 2 cells..Id run a 8.5t not a 3,5 that will run to HOT.same with a 5,5..and 10.5 is to slow 4200kv ..I run a 5800kv on my B44..i can get about 62mph with a gear that will not get motor over 135 degrees..I also run same esc motor in it to drag but on 3 cells and a 18t speeds are 82mph on a 132 foot track. 1.1second times.

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