Latest from Tekin:

Griffin Hanna attended the 2nd annual Palmetto Classic race in Myrtle Beach SC. “Hats of to Brent Densford,the owner of BeachRC Hobbies and his crew. Pete Funk also did a great job keeping the program rolling with a total of 154 entries. They gave out some of the coolest trophies.” Eric Hanna

Griff Hana TQ’d both 2wd Mod Buggy and 4wd Mod Buggy running the Tekin RSX esc and Redline Gen3 lineup of motors. In 2wd Braydon Obremski kept Griffin honest until he had a radio issue. Griffin would go on to take the win after the 10 min main.

In 4wd we made a few adjustments with the Tekin Hotwire to tone down the esc. Our Tekin 6.5 Gen3 motor was still screaming down the straightaway but the adjustments worked great. After the 10 min main the,temp was down and he had plenty of voltage left in his batteries!