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Factory Captain Bill Oxidean files the following race report:

It was Saturday. The golden sun was shining up above, so everyone's blues went away. Bill raced in 3 classes. P-Limited sport hydro, P-Limited offshore, and P-Open cat. The class Bill took 1st place in this time was P-Limited Sport Hydro.

This was also the debut race for Bill's brand new Pro-Marine Skater! This skater has been highly talked about because of its incredible top speeds and handling.

It was designed by world champion offshore powerboat racer (full size) Michael Standcomb. Michael raced for numerous full size boat mfgrs including Donzi! The bottom of this boat is different than any other since over 30 years of offshore powerboat experience was utilized in the design. He's seen Bill's videos and how he drives, so what better hands to put one in to find out what its really about. This boat shines like a bright red cherry right on top of a cream pie. We will share links to video of it running and what it does to other boats on the course.

Winds were low, so racers from all over were able to take a fair stab at victory. Racing got intense in the 3rd round of Pltd Sport hydro. All of the racers dove for lane 1 in turn 1. A racing incident occurred, and the Venom/ Atomik Miss Excite driven by Tommy Levescy unfortunately sunk.

This was actually Bill's former race boat that was used in the Venom Miss Excite video ad. Tommy resurrected the boat and it absolutely Flies. Through team effort, Tommy, and Brad Tuttle (another avid district 9 racer) were able to recover the boat as well as its batteries after the race! The beauty of lake Minden in Nicolaus, Ca is that the water is quite shallow. Less than 5 feet deep!

Kids are boaters too! An exciting class district 9 runs where children of all ages come together and race for 4 minutes, and the laps are added up at the end of the day. This class has taken a wonderful twist.

We like to call it 'Venom Cares". Venom provided 6 of their Barbwire-XL boats to NAMBA District 9 for this class. The boats are self righting, and quite fast for their size. This should make for some Extremely fun racing for these kids. The beauty of it is that the kids don't have to pay to race. All that is required is a 10 dollar one day pass, or 40 dollars for the entire season! Bill Oxidean is in charge of maintaining the boats as well as battery charging duties.

In Bill's words, "This race was tough. A couple of critical mistakes set me back Real hard in the beginning of the day, but I was able to bring us home the win. That's where my equipment came in.

I had to rely on the nuclear power of my Venom batteries to put me out front for the next 3 rounds and did. My new Pro-Marine Skater combined with these zap out batteries was a combo the truly put people on quiet hour.

There isn't a person at the race who wasn't Thoroughly impressed with this combination of power, speed, and agility. My racer's tip of the week: You can never be prepared enough. Practice makes perfect. Always keep back up equipment as well, and give yourself at least 2 different propeller options for each boat, and know for sure how your boat is going to handle with each one. I'm still very proud to be running Venom batteries, as others in our district are following suit and having Great results."

There were many cool boat at this race from Terminator.............

to Captn Morgan's!

In loving memory of Prince, avid racer Nancy Moll ran her Purple G1 mono. District 9 loves Prince

Video of Bill driving the Venom powered Pro Marine Skater:


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