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    Hi there, first time forum user here. Appreciate any1 that gives their time to read this, kinda lengthy but here it goes.

    I had purchased a LRP ZR .30 Spec 2 from my local hobby shop. I installed engine into my vehicle(Revo 3.3, of coarse). I've run about 6 tanks through this engine. It definately was not easy getting to this point. The engine would only run for few minutes at a time. I use a preheater and heat engine to 180* F before starting. Now the engine will not stay running at all. If I get it started, it will run for a few seconds and die. Pressing the throttle will make it will die sooner. When I first received the engine the carb was a little loose and turned 180* from where it should have been. Also the needles were far from the recommended needle settings. High side was 4.5 turns out and low was 2.1 turns out (specs are 2.75 and 2.25). I left the needles alone until after tank 5. I tried all sorts of settings ant the best I could get it was high side needle 4.6 turns out and low speed 3.6 turns out (had to richen it up). At the start of tank 7 the engine stalled and will not stay running. I tried putting the needles at the recommended settings High side 2.75 and low side 2.25 but still no good. Even at the out the box settings of 4.5 and 2.1 this engine will not stay running. I've tried new fuel lines, new fuel tank, new plugs, switching fuels(Blue Thunder 20% and Top Fuel 20%). Engine has plenty of compression and I have check for air leaks. I believe it is a problem with the carb, especially since the carb was loose in the block to begin with and the needle settings way out from manufacture recommendations. Do you folks know of any other issues or adjustments I can try of that would be much appreciated.

    go back to the factory settings and start the tuning process over. there is an abundance of videos on you tube to help you out with tuning. there are also other things you have to consider while tuning. them temperature where you are at humidity ect ect. once you find out the sweet spot its all down hill from there. I have been running nitro for 20 years and it still gets frustrating but I love every bit of it. the more you understand the tuning the easier it will get.

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