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  1. Bill Oxidean Wins In Debut With Hobbywing Electronics 

    Latest from HOBBYWING:

    When: Saturday July 16 2016
    Where: Lake Minden in Nicolaus, Ca

    Bill Oxidean Team Driver to no surprise takes home another first place win in the Pltd Offshore class with his brand new Pro-Marine Skater!

    Bill also scored high in the Sport Hydro class with his "Hot Pink Hobbywing powered Phil Thomas Stealth sport hydro, which renders him leading in points in both electric classes raced on Saturdays.

    This was Bill's first race as a Full Factory Hobbywing driver in such rare case supported Directly from Hobbywing in China, so he knew he had to put on a first class performance, and he did!

    Conditions were windy. That's where Bill's veteran expertise, as well as driving skill came into play. Bill typically uses 2 boats for each class. One for windy days, and one for flat fast water. Bill decided to bolt his power system into a larger, better handling catamaran style boat, the Pro Marine Skater. This was to much success, because Bill was able to finish every heat.

    In the hydro class, Bill simply "Played it cool" Finished every heat, and placed as high as he could without taking TOO much unnecessary risk. That rendered him 2nd place overall for the day, and maintaining his points lead.

    This race also featured a facet of the hobby many have heard of, but never seen. Rc Combat war ships! That's right. These little vessels not only look, and sound like their full size soldier carrying counterparts, they shoot live BB cannons!

    These boats are equipped with bilge pumps, and balsa side paneling (or freeboards) are required to make it easy for a C:02 powered BB to penetrate. These boats end up actually sinking to the bottom.

    In Bill's words: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. "IT TAKES ALL OF THE RIGHT PARTS AND COMPONENTS TO BE NUMBER ONE" My sponsors have got my back. Venom is keeping me JACKED UP on batteries and chargers, Pro-Marine is outfitting me with the most competitive race boats imaginable, Hobbywing is blasting me off with the most NUCLEAR speed controllers, and last but not least, Sanwa radios is giving me the control, and agility of a cheetah. Boca Bearings keeps me spinning and lubed up like greased lightning. I was behind a few points in my most prided class, and with the help of my team managers (who all worked together) we got me back out front where we belong.. Stay tuned for the upcoming race I'm throwing September 24-25th here in sunny Fremont, Ca, its gonna' be a BLAST!

    Bill would to thank all of his long standing and NEW sponsors:

    Hobbywing, Venom, Atomik, Pro Marine, Airtronics, Boca Bearings, Cow-Rc, Progressive-rc

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    Great job. Proud and happy to have you onboard

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