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  1. Cool my Buggy BG1513 Action videos 
    Helow friends, i just made some videos with my subotech BG1513

    they are some more like maintenance pruposes or unboxing in my youtube channel, but i leave here the one have a bit more action.

    if you like some video, please help us to keep growing for continue making new videos .

    support the channel with a subscribe Thanks for watching!

    Action Trailer

    what your buggy does when itīs alone at home??

    Hi there! i have made another video for maintenance pruposes

    hope it hepls someone

    a gretting

    Hello,here i leave a new video we have recorded during the weekend ..
    #1 BG 1513 ibiza Rc Adventure

    Adventure nš2 is ready! with my Subotech BG1513 4WD

    #2 ibiza RC Adventures [BG meets Forest] Stones, mud and branches

    a gretting!!

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