Thread: I modded a 1998 Radio Shack Flashtron

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  1. I modded a 1998 Radio Shack Flashtron 
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    I had this non working rc from radio shack, a Flashtron. the board wasn't working at all. So I tore the old board and bought a FlySky Transmitter 3 channel. I set up the receiver and bought a brushed ESC from Hobbywing for the 540 motor which still worked. I got a standard sized servo from Radio Shack for the steering. I had a 11.1 volt 2500 mah 35s 3 cell Lipo from my P51 it fit perfectly in the battery compartment. I set the jumpers for lipo and did a test run.

    The damn thing did a wheelie. So I tried taking it easy before gunning it. The stock rc was reported a max speed of 17 mph, this thing I would estimate at least 35 mph. I could turn the steering and punch it and it would break tractions and spin in a circle. the thing is not perfect, but it handles nice and I can turn on a dime. The old PC board weighted about a pound, the receiver and ESC hardly anything. Wow, what if I went brushless?

    After a few months of bashing, the tires are worn out. I am having a problem finding replacement tire for this vintage RC. Anyone with any ideas? I'm just a novice at this modding thing. Any help would be appreciated

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    I don't remember ever seeing Radioshack car parts for sale. Probably be easier to buy another car and use it for parts. With that lipo in there you're probably going to need parts. A lipo really wakes a car up. There's a couple Flashtrons on ebay right now for 50 bucks each or best offer. No remotes so you could get one real cheap.

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