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    Hi, all. I'm a 37 year old looking to get started (again) with rc. I had the usual Radio Shack stuff growing up, a Tyco Bandit, etc, while a few of my friends had Team Associated or Tamiya kits. About a dozen years ago, my girlfriend, who I later married, bought me the biggest, fastest nitro truck she could afford for Christmas. It was WAY too much truck for me... After breaking almost everything in the truck, and emptying my bank account, I got frustrated and walked away. This year, my daughter got a Project MC2 doll car, and I started telling her about my old treasures. That reignited the desire to get back into rc. So, for the past few weeks I've been looking, and looking, and looking some more! To say I'm overwhelmed is a major understatement. Right now, the only thing I know for sure is I want electric, no smaller than 1/10, off road, and under $500. The one I've been considering the most is the Losi XXX SCT. I like the looks of it, and the specs look good to me, but I keep second guessing. I live in Schuylkill county, PA, so if anyone knows of any hobby shops near me, or has any suggestions, I'd surely appreciate it!

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    here same county as your in..

    id go with the Losi scte rtr.. thats a better rc for the money..

    i have 3 of these all 3 versions i still love v1 the best..i have a tenshock 3500kv run on 2 cell .. have used up to 4 cell strong great handling its 4x4 not 2wd..
    heres some in pottville pa,,

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