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    I recently acquired a used, in box AYK BOXER rc and have had one hard time finding/contacting a collector, parts, or anyone else that I can talk to about this rare find. There is one fully rolling chassis, and many NIP parts, as well as three chassis worth of like new, used parts. here is a small taste of what i had stumbled upon in this find;
    -one rolling chassis
    -three extra sets frame rails (two are bowed, but an easy fix)
    -three extra pans
    -three extra front bumper/shock towers
    -three extra motor mount plates
    -three extra sets steering blocks w/kingpins (like new)
    -four sets front torsion bars (like new)
    -two sets rear torsion bars (like new)
    -numerous sets of front/rear torsion bar mounts/hardware
    -one set front swing arms (+one stray)
    -three sets rear trailing arms, like new (one w/axles, wheel spacers)
    -many sets rear nerf bars
    -two upper decks (one BOBCAT)
    -four roll bars (like new)
    -one set rear tires/wheels
    -two sets front tires/wheels like new
    -two OE speed controls (one like new)
    -two servo savers (like new)
    -one rear diff (used, but all there)
    -many front/rear linkages/ turnbuckles (some new)
    -many allum. spacers/risers ect..
    -many allum. spare parts
    -misc. axles/dogbones, drivetrain parts
    -one upper electronics deck w/gear cover, motor cover and 15 T pinion, ect
    -one rear torsion bar, mounts, hardware
    -two rear diffs
    Lots of extra plastics, allum. hardware, even have the original box.
    Finding anything about this rc has been a headache! please reply with ANY info you may have or know how to get!!

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