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    So, I was on my pc yesterday and thought since I hadn't looked in here for a while I'd check it out. I have AVG security on the computer. Anyway, I got a big red screen and a warning to the effect that this was a phishing site. "Somebody could try to trick me to get my info". Wouldn't let me continue. I'm on a pc with Mcafee security right now and no warnings. Anyone else get a warning? I did notice the format looks a lot different now. This place is going to hell fast. Used to be a real good site. Not a big problem considering the traffic in here now, but I was curious if anyone else was getting red flags.. Bud

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    i got it to. i still have the forum bookmarked otherwise i wouldn't be here. there doesn't seem to be a link to the forum from the RCCA home page anymore. so it wouldn't surprise me if this was just dead wasted space that RCCA pays no attention to or has totally forgotten about. i posted in a thread maybe 6 months ago and it didn't look like this. a lot has changed. it seems to be fading away, things aren't even working properly anymore.
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