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  1. Trinity Truck Header for rear-exhaust engines 
    SteveP Guest
    This is a picture of a prototype header developed by Trinity specially for trucks using the latest generation rear-exhaust engines. The header is designed to fit within the confines of a standard nitro truck body without have to bend the header or cut the body for proper clearance.

    The header is designed to fit Picco, Mugen, Novarossi, Top, Rex, RB, and potentially O.S. rear exhaust engines.

    The initial word is it will be anodized blue, but nothing is certain yet. Part number and price will be available soon.


    Rc1oGtMaN Guest
    Looks awesome! When should we expect to see it hit store shelves?

    Mark O.

    SteveP Guest
    Not sure yet. They already have a finished prototype, so I couldn't imagine it taking too much longer... (famous last words)

    TRXboy Guest
    Sweet, now its time for a rear exsaust engine, just a questions, qhat engine mounts are those and what arethe benifits?

    bullfrog Guest
    ok since i cant post a topic ill tell it in here team associated developed a NITRO TC3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SteveP Guest
    Gee Frog, there's a news flash.... j/k

    bullfrog Guest

    E-MAXX Guest
    I bet they did! I'm not going to get one though.
    Philip S

    JP Guest
    I see its on a Factory Team RC10GT, wow, Trinity with good taste?

    What about that Mugen truck, hows that coming along Steve? Any "spy" shots for me to drool over yet?

    DirtRacinFool Guest
    That is a nice header, but i'm with JP. When do we get to see some spy shots or get some info on that new Mugen Truck???

    krayzie Guest
    yeah i would like to see more on the mugen truck!!!!

    Oh yeah that is a nice header!


    [ 08-19-2001: Message edited by: krayzie ]

    gubbs3 Guest
    mugen truck. Mugen Truck! MUGEN TRUCK!!!

    SteveP Guest
    As soon as something is available on the Mugen truck, I'll post it. Trust me, it's not going to be in the next few weeks. We probably won't see anything until the Chicago Hobby Show.

    SteveP Guest
    The part number for the Trinity header is: RC8125, the retail price will be $29.99, and they're expected to be available in 4 to 6 weeks.

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