Thread: Pro-Line/Jaco T/E-Maxx pre-mounted foam tires

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  1. Pro-Line/Jaco T/E-Maxx pre-mounted foam tires 
    SteveP Guest
    Maxx JACO Foams
    New pre-mounted foam tires for the Maxx trucks. Wheels are wider and taller than stock tires.

    Special Features:
    Green compound

    Part no./retail price:
    2170-00; $40/pair


    speedydave Guest
    FOAMIES!!! lol Cool.

    maxxxracer Guest

    bluesy Guest
    Did I miss something????? I don't own a MT (yrt). But aren't MT's supposed to resemble and act like Full Sized Monster Trux? When has anyone seen a MT on a smooth surface. I understand that RCer's will race anything that moves but haven't most other classes stuck to their intended surfaces...(hmmm, off road racing on blue groove tracks...).... Oh never mind. Just don't see the logic in foamies on a MT.

    warpsector2 Guest
    foamies are good for people that only have a carpet track around them. if i get a maxx ill get those, or the other foamies.

    ammoace Guest
    Now that is what I call a Pan Car on some serious roids! I wonder how many runs they will actually last? Or should I ask how few runs they will last?

    [ 09-07-2001: Message edited by: JerryL ]

    SixVi6 Guest
    ummm.. thats just weird.. lol.. so I bet a Touring truck conversion wil eventiually be made for the maxx trucks also. lol..

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