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    losi Guest
    Man that is a lot smaller then the MIP temp guage. I think I will get this one. Is it already out. Were can i get it. Thanx

    nitrodriver Guest
    Here it is on tower hobbies. only $40... not too bad

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    maxxxracer Guest
    lol. that is a blue version of the mip one. woop-de-doo.

    SteveP Guest
    It's the exact same size as the MIP gauge because it IS an MIP gauge.

    nitrodriver Guest
    This is an Optional Traxxas On Board Temperature Gauge made by MIP.
    Why does it cost more than the real mip guage?

    Tiggs1 Guest
    Cause it's blue

    losi Guest
    how come it looks so small on that truck. Why do they do that. Just say it is a MIP no traxxas.

    tperkins Guest
    what does lol mean

    Nitro_Rustler_15 Guest
    laugh out loud, or laughing out loud, hey thats strange u guys put on a flood thing, wouldnt let me post the 1st time lol. now u know what it means.

  10. Traxxas - On-board Temp Guage 
    SteveP Guest
    On-Board Temperature Gauge

    Keeping accurate track of engine temperature is the most important aspect of nitro engine tuning. The Traxxas On-Board Temperature Gauge is very compact so that it could be easily installed on just about any chassis and delivers continuous and accurate temperature readings.

    • Universal loop probe sensor that fits any engine
    • Large LCD screen
    • On/off switch to save battery power
    • Centigrade/Fahrenheit button
    • Clear Lexan spill guard

    Part no. 4090
    Price: $49.99 retail


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