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    For you 1:5 scale drivers out there, I have spoken to KZ speedway and they will be oficially doing 1st and 3rd sunday 1:5 races. Spread the word and come out to play. The track is awesome and the best 1:5 scale track in North America. We need to boost the track attendance records and have more fun

    See you there

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    if you wanna watch the 1/5 scale buggies running around a track go to this website.
    cheesy musik but worth it.

  3. Re: Premier 1/5th scale chassis and engines? 
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    Originally posted by Racer Rich
    I have been racing 1/10th scale gas and electric for 6 years and have had a blast doing it. Soon they will be opening a 1/5th scale track close to where I live. I don't know how I am going to pay for it (might have to take out a 2nd mortgage ), but I am in the market for a 1/5th scale car.

    I have a question about these cars. I know this sounds like a beginner question, which it is, but what is the premier 1/5th scale gas car on the market? I have heard of names like, Technokit, SVM, Harm, FG Modellsport, and Bergonzoni, but I really have no clue on which chassis is consistently at the top of the winner's circle? Please don't give me an Associated versus Losi type answer, I want honest opinions on which is the best handling, tunable and overall 1/5th chassis.

    Also, what is the premier engine for 1/5th scale cars? I am so used to O.S., NovaRossi, and Picco for the 1/10th scale vehicles, but I have no clue what is the best 1/5th scale engine. Is there any particular manufacturer and model I should look for?

    I am asking about the best of the best here. When you get to talking in the thousands for these machines, you throw all the budget-bargains out the window.

    Thanks in advance.

    Rich makes a 1/5th scale pump gas 4stroke v8 and puts it in a 1/5 chassis 2 designs a street rod and a 60's cobra real blower and it makes 3.5hp stock(i think)! the blower works the whole thing costs 13000+ dollars i want one but where am i gonna run a 90mph+ rc car at? they also make a 4spd gearbox with reverse! it comes on the engine and the engine is water cooled with a radiator just like a real car u probably need a 3channel tho no biggy i see tons of 3channel radio systems id guess fully modded ane geared right these cars would do 120mph in 4th gear they even have a realistic carb! nice car just my 2 cents

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    its really 1/4 scale

    Does anyone have any experience with the Junior? It can be had for around $680. Seems like a "bargain" in the 1/5 scale world... Is this a decent car for the money or are there better choices? Not looking to race with it, just never had an r/c toy bigger than 1/8 scale...

    Its here its here! Hooray! YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! Two hours of BIG TIME BIG SCALE RACING! You will never see an RC movie like this!

    2003 5th Scale iFMAR World Championships
    Produced by Stephen Tarpley
    Take the most exotic large scale on-road RC racing cars in the world, mix in the 90 top drivers from 16 different countries, bring them together at Los Angeles' largest and fastest on-road super speedway for 7 days. Cover the event with professional Speed Channel style multi-camera coverage and what do you get?

    "The 2003 5th Scale iFMAR World Championship Collector's Edition DVD"

    Over 20 hours of multi-camera footage were edited down to bring you the best coverage of this unique event!


    Highest quality video preserved on this professional dual-layer DVD-9 format.
    Motion menus and buttons.
    Stereo Dolby AC3 sound. Professional announcing, starting and finishing grid graphics.
    Slo-mo, replays and multi-camera coverage.
    Intro, opening ceremonies, a lap of the track, concourse, podium and highlight reel cut to music.
    *All races covered! (Lower events covered in highlight fashion while the full 1 hour main event was covered in its entirety).

    Runtime: Two hours and 26 minutes.
    TV Standard: NTSC
    Can also be played on the following...
    PAL DVD players that convert standards.
    PCs with DVD drive and DVD software.

    Title #205699
    Running time: 146 minutes

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    Well... I'm now the proud owner of a Technokit EL... Still trying to figure how how the heck everything goes together...

    I did a bit of research... Don't go for the junior, it's not as upgradeable as the E or higher...

    Can't wait to fire this beast up tomorrow...

  8. Technokit Answers 
    I would be more than glad to help out anybody that may have questions in regards to technokit cars.

    I just picked up the new EXS GTS car, what an amazing car it is, fully optioned and then some.

    Well back to getting the car ready for sunday's race.

    Feel free to email me @

    Canadian Technokit Driver

    FG is KING for 1.5 scale. Get one and you will never worry about finding parts..unlike the other brands.

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    Where are all our technokit owners and 1/5th scale racers in general???

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    FG is the best manufacturer of large scale. Bergonzoni and Technokit isn't necessarily a bad kit but I don't know why Italians make decent+ cars but their support is just horrendous. Their technology is up there with the big boys but marketing and parts support is next to non-existent in the US and here Down Under.

    With FG, it really does cost more than the Italian models, somewhere in the 10-30% range dependant on parts and kits. But you do get a car kit that is very popular, spare parts are everywhere and support is top notch. Its like buying a Mercedes - true German engineering and quality.

    Just a quick browse into their latest catalog reveals the effort to market their products. You really do feel you are buying a solid product.

    Unless the Italian and other manufacturers start to learn to market and support their products better, FG will rule the roost forever.

    One last thing which frustrates me - eventhough English is my second language. I wouldn't accept it any other way if an RC manufacturer site does not have (proper) English translation, especially with GOOD grammar.

    As a manufacturer, they have to understand most of their clients are not in that particular country but overseas.
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    Werks racing has supported the tecknokit bigtime for a number of years in the U.S. with all the parts etc. and no I don't own a technokit ,I had a lauterbacher. and to get the info straight FG in the U.S. has sucked up untill 2 years ago.until VS racing came into bussiness and now the way over priced fg dist of molzer molry in Minn.

    Time to bring out the TKTs to KZ (SV) Feb 18th 2007 we will be racing and fixing, clinic for the 2007 season BE there! NEW 1:5 drivers come on out!


    1:5 Scale Club Race 11th of March at SV. There is some new stuff showing up... OH MY! Could it be Speed-E with a 007 Carbon Royal RS5? Come get spanked by the MMR RS5s....

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