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    I'll have to take some. I finished my Leo about three weeks ago and haven't made any photos.

    Also, how do you post pictures here?

    Make the pic small enough (has to be less than 104k or something) and then click on the "Manage Attachment" button and it will let you do attachment!

    Anyone know what happend to texas armor club??? The web site is quite. did it move somewhere else? Need to know, cuz i got battle fever ^.^

    where are the pics?

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    Hello everyone, just ran across a 1/16 Tamiya Leopard A4 at a flea market. It was completely built except for the electronics. The guy that had it didn't have a clue as to what he had as he had gotten it with a bunch of other stuff. I paid him $10 for it.

    I had alot of the electronics around since I do alot with monster trucks so that wasn't much problem. The big thing right now is the speed controller. It seems to have only one speed forward and one in reverse. Did they normally come with just a mechanical speed controller? Does anyone make an electronic one for it? I normally run nitro so don't have any speed controllers that would work.

    I'm also looking for the orginal instructions for it to have on file, any help with that would be great also.

    Thanks in advance.


    Got Any Pics?

    $10 Tamiya tank -> NICE!!

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    I will try to get some pics up in the next few days.


    Tamiya Is Coming With A New Full Option Rc Tank.....jadgpanther!

    Has there ever been such a thing as an RTR tank from Tamiya? I would love to see one of these things in person, but no local hobby shops carry them.

  12. my new tank 
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I recently bought a Tamiya Leopard2 kit, it came with full options. It took me about 1 week to build. I;m still working on the fine detailing. What an amazing kit...The lights and sounds it makes are very cool. The best part is when you fire the canon, it recoils the barrel and the tank shakes a bit too.

    One thing i was dissapointed with is some of the suspension arms that hold the road wheels on the tank cracked (about 5 of them). This is from a normal 5 minute run outside, not doing anything crazy. It could be that I tightend the screws too tight, but I'm usually pretty careful about that kinda stuff. You can see in the pictures what I'm talking about.

    This tank will most likely sit on the shelf most of it's life, but I do want to run it once in a while. I'm trying to find a machine shop that could make the suspension arms in aluminum so this doesn't happen anymore. Has anyone ever come across something like this happening?


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    Welcome to the club. A lot more breakage is in your future if you run this.

    Been there done that.

    you need to get the metal arms...

  15. Check this out I decided to turn my Tanks into a business 
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairball View Post
    Anyone out there own any of the Tamiya R/C Tanks?
    I run a schumacher and several other cars for R/c racing and recently fitted a supercharger to my XTr.

    But my passion not only is the cars the Tanks took over so I now run a club for people to play with these models. I built them all. Have about 40 in total now but all the pictures are here.

    This is not a plug for the business but if you have any problems with tanks go to and email me I will try and help free of charge. If your in the EU area I can discount parts as well.


    Thanks mark.
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  16. Any Active Message Boards? 
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    I just got a Leopard 2A6 and was surfing the net looking for R/C Tank related forums.

    I can't seem to find an "active" forum. The RCU forum is pretty slow. I've found the DAK forum which has some good info.

    But I'm looking for some help or tips when I assemble this kit.

    Like I'm planning on using a DX6i in it. It doesn't come with servos. What would be a good servo to use in this tank?

    I am using the DX6i radio system. As i recall, there is only 1 servo required when assembling the kit. I just used a standard 1:10 scale servo. This operates the elevation of the main gun.


    Yes. I do. I have a full option 1:16 scale King Tiger with metal tracks, metal mudflaps, metal shackles etc. What can I do for you?

  19. Need help with DX6i and Tamiya Tiger 1 Full Option 
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    I've just about completed my Tamiya Tiger 1 and was testing it with my DX6i.

    I seem to be having trouble getting remote to drive the tank per the Tamiya instructions. The Left stick handles all the driving chores, left/right, fwd/rev. the right stick handles on the turret movement, up/down, left/right rotation...

    Problem is the tanks won't just spin left or right, it has to be moving forward. To get the tank to turn, right for example, the left stick has to be in the far upper right corner of the throw, so its basically full throttle right or left. No very fun.....

    I've tried reprogramming the DMD unit over and over with the exact same results. I've even just spun the sticks around in circles and ended programming and its still the same.....

    Any help would be appreciated!

  20. New RC tank from Tamiya 
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    Tamiya is about to release a new 1/16 tank. Maybe the tank will be a official release at the upcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show mid may?

    Oh, almost forgot the tank in question is the WW2 Russian KV-1....

    Check out the lastest Tamiya Modelmagazine issue 163, page 4 for pics.

    Looking damn good if you ask me!

    Best Regards, GreatDane

  21. M2 Bradley (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), IFV 
    I have a completely custom build RC M2 Bradley (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), IFV that I built using the base and mechanics of a Tamiya Sherman. However, I not only made the turret and headlights remotely operated but this is the only RC Bradley you will find that has a WORKING crew door!!

    I am thinking of selling it and I was wondering if anyone new some good forums that I could list it on since it is extremely unique and would most likely be best appreciated by those in the RC tank hobby.

    Here is a link to it in action:

  22. Tamiya Leopard 1 A4 video 
    After 30 years still works...
    Attached Images

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    I am new to the R/C Tank field and am currently building the Tamiya Leo. Gone ballistic over the upgrades: metal tracks, metal hull reinforcement, idler wheels, road wheels, track adjuster, metal arms, Engel Controller (gun stabilizer), torsion bearings, torsion reinforcement kit, steel ball bearings, .... and the list goes on. Purchased most of these in Germany - AFV I am curious however as to what you used or where you you got your torsion bar replacements. I am also very suspect of the strength of the stock ones. Will try to keep my progress posted but I really like to take my time so intervals could be lengthy, to say the least.
    Really enjoy reading all of the comments here and find most very helpful.

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