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    I have an ABC Fighter 550 and I am putting a Model electronics Corp. Turbo 10 Plus electric motor in it wit 6-8 cells. What prop should I use. Thanks. Ellis.

    It is vague to suggest a propeller until you have tried your setup.

    Try your new ESC and motor and use your existing prop that was included in the kit.

    From there on, you can choose the prop to use according to the performance of your boat.

    If the motor and ESC feels too hot and the boat accelerates slow, go for a smaller prop.

    If otherwise the boat is slow and there is little labor on your motor and ESC you can try a bigger prop.

    The Fighter 550 is a nice boat, I wanted one before but I got a KYOSHO Jetstream for half the price...

    Keep us posted with your developments!
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    The Fighter 550 is an OK boat. As Dongski suggested try running it after you install the new ESC. It is likely you are going to want a much better motor for the Fighter. I have one and have replaced the stock 550 motor with a Trinity Chameleon 2 19T motor, this mod will require you to add water cooling to the motor. One thing to beware of with the Fighter. At high speeds it has a tendancy to flip over in anything but the calmest water due to the fin that runs down the keel. Otherwise an OK boat to sport about with.


    Mike N
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