Thread: Pinion Gear for Kyosho BlueSteak & 16T SpeedGem

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  1. Pinion Gear for Kyosho BlueSteak & 16T SpeedGem 
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    I have a Kyosho BlueSteak with a Trinity SpeedGem Ruby (16T Triple), 7 cell 1800 pack, Novak Rooster ESC, and stock prop.

    I am having a hard time figuring out which size pinion to use on the SpeedGem Ruby (and stock tranny gearing). I tried a 26 tooth and my motor/battery/esc started smoking bad and the overall speed was SLOW, very SLOW!!!

    Anybody have a similar setup that could recommend a pinion combo?

    Thanks in advance,


    i have a blue streak with a12t dw kyosho atom smasher with 25 tooth gear and 7 cell 1900mah . i run a jeti navy esc . i got more speed out of the 25 tooth than the stock 20 tooth. if the prop is to big you will smoke or if your esc cant handle the amperage. i use the 42 mm prop and the 38 mm prop. i am about to try 14 cells and see what happens.make sure your esc can handle the amperage.

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